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can someone actually help me

  • This post is deleted!

  • With what?

  • @gtaenthusiast You can get step-by-step help here. There are a lot of resources here so people won't create an Instagram account to help just one person, away from all the useful resources this site has available.

    Also, any help that is given to one person, becomes invaluable information that can be used by other people with the same problem.

    And I am sure you have noticed by now, people asking for users to follow them on any kind of social media or image sharing network, tends to get a fairly negative response, because it looks like you're trying to get followers, not help.

    But of course, you know all this because you asked 20 days ago and got the same response, then asked again 12 days ago... with the same response. I mean, here is my last response... it's kinda Deja-Vu.

    I think your best bet is to post details of your problem here. People aren't going to create Instagram accounts just to provide help for one person. Some wouldn't create accounts there at all.
    From what I can see, you must have an account to do more than just view pictures and even doing that without an account isn't straightforward.
    On here, if someone can't provide all the help, they can ask for help from other users. On Instagram, they don't have that option.

    We are here to help, not to follow... so as long as your questions fits in with what is allowed to be asked on here, ask away.

  • @LeeC2202 I don't want your follows, I want some bloody help, these gta mods are so fucking dodgy I have followed step by step guides and done everything but no mods show up.

  • @TheLoneWolf293 LSPDFR , script hooks and open iv.

  • @gtaenthusiast Then all you had to do, was ask the question "I am having problems getting LSPDFR, ScriptHookV and OpenIV to work, can someone help?" and I am pretty sure someone would.

    Now to actually give people a better chance of helping, you need to tell us the answers to the following questions.

    1. What version of the game are you running, Steam or Retail?
    2. Is your game updated to the latest patch? (your game should be on version 944)
    3. Are you using a mods folder?
    4. Have you installed the latest versions of ScriptHookV and ScriptHookVDotNet and the pre-requisites for those?
    5. Are there any scripthookv.log, asiloader.log or openiv.log files in your main game folder?
    6. If the answer to 5 is yes, do they have any errors in those log files?
    7. Do you have any script mods installed that use ScriptHookVDotNet?

    and finally...

    1. What part of the mods don't work? Does your game crash? Does your game run but no menus work?

    So there's some step-by-step questions for you to provide answers to. When we have answers to all of them, then we can continue with the next set of questions.

  • @LeeC2202

    1. Amazon PC download
    2. I think so how do I check?
    3. no

    trying a different tut will keep you posted.

  • @gtaenthusiast said in can someone actually help me:

    I think so how do I check?

    When you run the game, during the loading process it will show the version number in the bottom right-hand corner of the launcher.


    Number 3. makes me :( I really wish tutorials would stop telling people to modify the orignal game files, that causes so many problems if anything goes wrong.

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