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[SCRIPT] Isolated Peds Mod

  • A mod where there are isolated peds all over the map, instead of peds being bunched together and close to cars and highways.

  • Does it already exist..?

  • Is more a Map mod than a script mod, the reasson is the spawning points for the peds. With scripting we can generate any ped around of the player but we can't control exact and logically spawning points in a random way. Just taking thousands of coordinates points on the map, we can put peds without appears over a tree or undersea or in any other ilogical stance. Is too much work and for that reasson is better wait for the map tools to control with precision ped paths and spawning points in a simple game file without scripting.

  • Ped path are not editable yet , so as said above you should take a look to map mode that bring different kind of scenario, yu can even build your own it's easy to use.
    Note that it not only concern ped but a lot of different scenario so it can be hard to find what you want, but it's still a nice kind of mod to bring more life to SA ;)

  • @Rarefacer I see, ok, thanks for the reply

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