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Relationship info

  • What is the file where gtav store the relatinship of a ped???? If you have a michael skin ped whit a gut , it fight whit you. Cop are another relationship.... how we put a normal civilian ped on a cop relationship or other? There is a file list? Cop-highway=cop michael=player

    If i don't see tag me down my mods

  • @michelangelo777 common.rpf/data relationships.dat

  • @aimless nono this is for the group. Whit this you can't add a name ped to the player relationship.only can set friend or hate group from a group to another. Cop , player , male civilian , i see it ,i know

  • @michelangelo777 Ok sorry.

  • Addonped 3.0 have relationship, i have make only the cop ped. Is possible set cop to any ped (not stream) .ped stream dosen't work when set cop relationship. For all people read, if you know the data for "player relationship" tell me. I have found only cop data on the peds.meta . The main file is encripted .peds.ymt

  • peds.ymt is how you add a ped to a relationship group, if that's what you're asking.

    Look for the line <RelationshipGroup> and change the value to whatever relationship group you want that ped to be in. So if you wanted to put a normal ped into the cop relationship group, you would replace whatever's between "<RelationshipGroup></RelationshipGroup>" with "cop", ending up like this: "<RelationshipGroup>cop</RelationshipGroup>"

  • No.I'm non talking about the scripts.Whith addonped 3.0.1 from this site you can set a "NEW" ped to a default civilian male relationship. It have other relationship (and is a little bugged).I have open the file of the addonped 3.0 mod ,locate in document/rockstar , whit (from the other mod af albo) a data files of a cop from the peds.meta ,and setting up the new ped name,put on the file of addonped/list/peds ,and it work whitout any script.The new ped skin is a real cop forever.Now the player is on peds.ymt not .meta,and is encripted. I have try put on <relationship> player , but dosen't work, it need all the ped data. If I set only cop relationship on a civilian data ped, dosen't work, whit all data cop ,any skin ped becomes a real cop game

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