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So I installed a couple of GTA: V Mods... (Cube Spawning Bug)

  • Summary

    So I was board and decided to install a couple of GTA:V Mods and came across a very strange bug... Basically there was random cubes spawning in all around me whilst I was driving. Very strange. I recorded some footage of it, very laggy though (shame on you OBS).

    I'll leave a list of mods I had installed. If anyone has a fix that would be great.


    Installed Mods

    Other Notes

    • Cubes don't spawn whilst flying in a helicopter or plane.
    • Cubes don't spawn whilst in a boat or submarine
    • They seem To spawn only in certain areas. In the areas they do spawn in they seem to spawn more rapidly in some areas.
    • All of the above have me thinking that It's something to do with a car model that is causing this? Going to troubleshoot shortly.

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