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I need serious help

  • You see I don't have a pc...and im new to this whole modding thing so can someone help me...Please!!!

  • @Jase-blaze You're on a PC modding site but you don't have a PC... I'm not sure what kind of help we can offer at this point in time.

    If your next question is going to involve consoles in any way, please don't ask it.

  • @Jase-blaze What kind of help do you need? What advice would you like? I need more accuracy.

  • @Jase-blaze I smell console xD

    This site is not for console gamers

    These Mods ONLY work on PC

  • Ohh I was hoping it would work...but thanks anyway...I might consider buying a pc for gaming now

  • @Namie243 I was hoping you could walk me through the steps you took to get your mods to work...on your pc

  • @Jase-blaze Hi again!

    Sure!! I'll give an explanation of how I modded GTAV, and some tips to save you headaches too.

    The very first thing I did, was search for a tutorial, as this is the first PC game I've ever tried to mod.

    The description has important links to mods that you need!
    Don't just rush there yet! :D I have a couple important things to say.

    When you get OpenIV for the first time, and open the GTAV files, you will need to turn on Edit Mode at the top. I just leave Edit mode on forever. Also, you will need to go to Tools, and ASI Manager, and install everything. Close and re-open OpenIV, and the mods folder will appear. I recommend SO MUCH with all my life, that you back up or use the mods folder!! Copy and paste the files you want to change into the mods folder.

    I personally use add-ons. Most only need to be drag and dropped in, with the dlclist changed. Sometimes an add-on will want the extratitleupdate changed. If you use the Replace method, and your mod has 3 files, so it does not have the +hi.ytd, but the GTA vehicle you want to replace does have the +hi.ytd, then I recommend deleting the +hi.ytd to prevent some illuminati stuff. Via the Mods folder, not the normal folders/files.

    NOTE: Rarely, you may install a no longer working add-on, and it will crash GTA in the same/similar way to having no gameconfig. So if you've installed multiple, its trial and error until you find the problem. If your mod menu won't spawn in a car, try again and move somewhere else. Or click spawn, pause the game and quickly wait a couple seconds and unpause it. If that doesn't work, well at least your game loaded up.

    A good test to make sure your Replaces are not causing issues, is for some weird reason, driving to Sandy Shores, round Trevor's place. If it doesn't crash, you're okay. I don't understand this logic either haha Oh and make a copy of your mods folder, and put it on your desktop or something, if you really like your current setup. Upto you.

    You can run GTA on a literal potato. My PC is a Laptop for example....
    Still, get the best one you can.

    Usually, there are things that need updating everytime GTAV has an update. Such as the gameconfig. You'll need to experiment, by installing and downloading gameconfigs, until you find a working one so you can have loads of add-ons. I'm not sure, but both script hooks may be updated after every GTAV update...?

    Side Note: Without a different gameconfig, you can only have 1 more add on vehicles. 2 will crash on trying to load story mods.
    Things like dlclist are case sensitive, and always double check anything that you copy/paste from the read me!

    Tutorial Here:

    My mods involve a different carcols, add-on vehicles, a couple replaces, a 70's traffic popgroups, and a couple different retextures. If you want to get creative, and change a livery, get a program that you can make DDS or png images with, and check the measurements in the vehicle YTD. If you click on a YTD/YFT in OpenIV, then you'll get a viewer/images.

    If you decide to use things such as LSPDFR, and RAGE Hook, be very careful and backup stuff. If you download, and then choose to delete RAGE Hook, make a shortcut. So you can go to properties on the shortcut, locate a little bit of the RAGE Hook, and delete it. As well as checking via the normal folders/files, and checking on OpenIV.

    As for mods online, I only know about FiveReborn for mods online. Never used it, so I can't help much, other than saying it exists, and is well known for role play.

    The Mod Sites I use:
    GTA5Mods I highly recommend
    lcpdfr (GTA5 Section) is good for more police stuff, and service vehicles.
    gtainside is good. It has a couple cars you won't find here, but it can be slow.

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