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Running FiveReborn and LSPDFR

  • How can I run both mods? I am part of a clan and would like to play that and LSPDFR.


  • @qwertyTech As far as I know, there is no way to run the LSPD:FR mod on a FiveReborn server at the moment. Maybe in the future it'll be possible but right now it doesn't seem to be possible

  • @Carrythxd I don't want to run it on the server, I want to install it and still keep my FiveReborn. I want them separately!

  • @qwertyTech Ah, sorry, I misunderstood what you meant. But you can just create another copy of your GTA V folder, so that you have one for FiveReborn and one for LSPD:FR. I'm not sure if you can run LSPD:FR and FiveReborn with the same folder but I guess it's worth a try if you want, but the easiest way (and possibly the only way) is to just make another copy of the GTA V folder to use with LSPD:FR

  • @Carrythxd okay thanks. but won't the cloned folder overwrite the FR one?

  • @qwertyTech No, you just have to rename them. For example name the FiveReborn folder "Grand Theft Auto V FiveReborn" and then just rename it to "Grand Theft Auto V" when playing FiveReborn. And do the same for the LSPD:FR folder, name it "Grand Theft Auto V LSPDFR" and then rename it to "Grand Theft Auto V" when you want to play with the LSPD:FR mod

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