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Two Female Peds

  • I have downloaded two free female peds that are fully rigged and what not I am willing to give to make better females streamline peds and non-streamline peds with working everything with that said I can donate them to you great modders out there you can make them into what you want but here is the only thing I ask is that can you make them into black females and make them more sexier and better looking than any black female peds in the game like the hookers and strippers that's all I ask that's all I will gladly donate and or give these two free female peds to you all please contact me as soon as possible thanks.

  • P.S. I would like a response as well instead of just looking please say something that's all.

  • If it means anything, I wouldn't mind seeing sistas being represented better. I hope I'm not out of line when I make some recommendations, but @Quechus13, @TheMadBreaker, and @Barak101 have the skills you're looking for. You might have to donate some green, but it is well worth the price.

  • @BatKnight I talked to @TheMadBreaker and I think he said no the requests as far as the other two I haven't asked yet but I dod have the two peds I downloaded for free but I don't know if @Quechus13 or @Barak101 would like to with the free peds I downloaded


    I don't have time.. I'm full of work, mate.. And for that i don't gived you a empty hopes.. Sometimes i do free requests but it's very rarely now, because i wan't to make the people who truly support me more and more happy.. Also female models such as Harley Quinn and more will be released shortly so i think you will have much fun with them! You need to be patient! :)

  • @TheMadBreaker well I try to bro but after so many years in the army my patients has somewhat gone out the window but I am trying though and I do understand what you mean and all and I understand that you work too I am sorry for all this lol but I just wish to see more black female ped mods cause all I see is nothing but white girls and white anime girls way too many lol I just wish there were more black girls and variety to the ped mods too many super heros lol not that they are that bad its just too many lol

  • @TheMadBreaker as far as Harley Quinn yet another white girl but I know that she would look awesome with the work you and modders like you do the awesome work that you do like I stated abouve just wish there were more black girls that's all lol

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