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Why do I keep getting two headed/conjoined twin actors in Rockstar Editor?

  • Hi all.

    Rockstar Editor is a freakin' nightmare! Can someone please tell me why when I am working with actors does everything seem fine when I'm setting the scene and recording, but then once I go to edit the camera angles with Rockstar Editor, suddenly all my actors have conjoined twins. How do I stop this happening?

  • What mods are you using? And is your version Steam, Retail, or cracked?

  • Are you loading Rockstar Editor directly after recording? Because I noticed that the spawned models in the normal game remain in R* Editor, but the Editor spawns all the entities again. Try reloading the game and then go into the editor. That works for me.

  • I have so many mods installed now, but this has been happening since the start when I just had a few installed. Scene director is the one I use to clone actors (is there a better mod for actor control/switching?) then I use Skin Control or Menyoo to change them. I also have the enhanced native trainer installed as well as some others that came with ScriptHook etc as standard.

    I think I may have found the problem....I've been going in to RE to edit the footage while my "actors" were still located at the scene....That seems to have lead to them getting a twin...but it seemed that when I reload the game and tried editing again, the twin isn't there as long as the game isn't still running at the scene location in the background of RE...I'm not sure if it's a guaranteed fix though. I will try again later to see if it is.

  • @SkylineGTRFreak.... sorry for not responding, I didn't see your message until now. Yep, I think that's fixed it. Thank you! Would you happen to have any idea why deleted entities (objects specifically like tables/chairs etc) keep respawing in Rockstar Editor?

    I need to set a scene and in order to do so I have to delete some existing objects but they appear deleted and replaced by the objects I want, but as soon as I go to edit camera angles and stuff in RE all old objects are there again as well as the new ones. I can't figure out how to keep the deleted objects gone for good in RE. Hoping you've encountered this problem too and maybe have a fix for it?

  • I can confirm that shutting down the game then going to the Rockstar Editor fixes the issue. Because mods can be used anywhere in the game they are still active in the Editor.

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