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Car model unlocking

  • Hey guys as the title says i am wondering how can i unlock GTA V car models. Tried to search for a topic like that but couldn't find any.

  • @rampage321 I presume you are talking about the mods that are released on this site?

    If a model is locked, it means the author doesn't want you to make any changes to them. People are not going to openly post instructions on how to do something against the author's wishes. Doing so would pretty much guarantee that the author would either remove their mods from the site, or at the very least, not release any more on here.


    @LeeC2202 I'm not entirely convinced that's the kind of 'unlocking' he was referring to. Maybe he meant just unlocking, in the sense of finding the 'codes' for special DLC cars and such. In that case the answer is simple: don't run a pirated version (which might have some DLCs missing); subsidiarily, make sure all DLC's are installed.

  • @rampage321 After reading what the others have said, what kind of unlocking do you mean? Is it for personal use only?

  • @meimeiriver said in Car model unlocking:

    In that case the answer is simple: don't run a pirated version

    I will be amazed if that doesn't provoke a negative response. :astonished:

    This user has been talking about making adjustments to car bones and auto-spoilers in previous posts. I think my presumptions were well founded, considering their post history.

  • Yes it is for personal use only i will not upload the authors mod or send it to anyone. I would ask him for permission first if i would like to do that. Anyways is there a way to unlock the actual model?

  • @rampage321 I'm not a model modder, so I don't know for sure... I am guessing that like most things, there is a way round it. I think the problem as I mentioned, is that if there was, chances are people won't post them on the forums.

    If the mod author has a forum account, drop them a PM, explain the situation and you may find that they will provide you with the unlocked model as you went to the trouble of contacting them about it.

    Many modders want to protect their work but also understand people want to personalise them. So it's certainly worth a PM.

  • I guess i can do that it would be the right thing to do. I don't know how i did not came up with that in first place. Thanks a lot.

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