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How to get started making car models?

  • How do I get started on making car models for GTA V? (obviously). I have Blender and ZModeler and I'm not really sure about using ZModeler.. once I learn a little bit I might be able to figure out the rest?

  • Once you watch the convert tutorials on youtube about 20 times you will start to figure it out lol. Zmodeler forum has a section specifically for GTA 5 and its extremely helpful. But some things you will have to troubleshoot hardcore due to lack of information on the webs... Im just editing a model already converted and it took me a week just to figure out how to get the hubs to stay in place without falling off car in game haha. I know it sounds dumb but there is literally no information on unchecking the rigged box in the properties tab on each hub because the model I took the hubs from had it checked and it worked for its model but not on my model... I posted on 3 different forums and no one answered me so I had to figure it out myself..


    @Nitroo start with zmodeler3 forums then imprort a simple basic 2 door car to zmodeler start learning every individual part and material on it based on tutorials and problem section in zmodeler3 forums it has answer bellow in comments so see problem and see solution by time you will figure out how thing goes but need time and and time and moooore time i remembre my first mod still have installed in my game it hell of mess but then step by step things be better no one born walking ;)

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