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game infinite loads after quicksaving

  • i was playing around with some mods and i decided to quick save before i came off because i wanted to spawn there next time but the next time i ran the game (via steam) it loaded forever i tried deleting all mods and verifying integrity but it still loaded infinitely pppplllllllzzz i need help!!!!!!

  • @prabh1665 Did you save while using an add-on/non-protagonist player model?

  • @V4D3R yes

  • @prabh1665 Well then there's no surprise. I guess you have to remove that save.

  • @V4D3R thanks bro you really helped me out it finally works


    @V4D3R said in game infinite loads after quicksaving:

    @prabh1665 Well then there's no surprise. I guess you have to remove that save.

    Happened to me too, not too long ago. Figured it out myself, and my situation was slightly different (I was running around as a non-protagonist ped, but with hash set to Michael). Usually the game will eventually start up, after all, but with totally messed up/invisible body parts.

    Also, auto-save can be a bitch! :) Before you realize it, you've entered OK. Which is, in itself, not a problem, really, as long as you use something like Menyoo first to switch back to Michael or any of the other main characters, and not just a ped with their hash! (As the latter will mess up their clothes/body parts on startup), and make a new save.

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