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I Can't Download anything from this website

  • i always press download but nothing happen please help me

  • @LucyAlbert Press download on what? A phone, tablet, computer? In Chrome, Internet Explorer, Firefox?

    You need to provide more information if people are to have any chance at all of helping.

  • I am having the same issue for the past few days. I am on a home desktop and using the latest version of Firefox. I also have windows 10. I press the download button located here:


    and it takes me to the next page to download as shown here:


    I click on click here and nothing happens. I have to use internet explorer for the download to work. I do also have ad block disabled on gta 5 mods.

  • @Smoove7 Can you please let me know the exact version number of Firefox? Thanks!

    Can you also try clicking the "click here" link as it says in the text on the download button?

  • I feel really stupid for this reply , but here goes in case someone else has this issue. I have a 4 monitor set up and I only use the fourth monitor when playing racing titles so that monitor is usually off. Some how my downloads were showing up on that monitor when I clicked Download which has never happened before. I am sorry for any inconvenience I may have caused and feel like a real idiot at this point.

  • @Smoove7 haha no worries, thank you for following up and letting me know what the issue was! Hopefully you've saved some others from any confusion too :slight_smile:

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