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Car mods I'd like to see in the future...

  • Hello,

    As you know, there are many car mods out there, but for some of us, there's still a lot missing. This is just a list of cars I'd personally love to see! Like a wish list as such....

    Chevrolet Camaro 2002
    Chevrolet Corvair
    Chevrolet Impala 1999
    Dodge Dart 2015
    Dodge Lancer
    Ford Fiesta Mk.1
    Ford Galaxie 500 1965
    Ford Mondeo Mk.2
    Honda N390
    Honda N-One
    Nissan Cefiro
    Nissan Silvia S12
    Nissan Skyline ER32 Stock Version
    Nissan Skyline ER33
    Nissan Stagea
    Plymouth Fury 1959
    Pontiac G6
    Pontiac Ventura 1961
    Subaru Impreza 1994
    Triumph 2000

    I don't expect to ever see these made, but if you're looking for a new project, I would sure love to use these! Feel free to write your own wish-lists too.


    @Namie243 are the Fury '59 and '58 so different then? Plymouth Fury 1958 by dimon [Add-On Livery Extras]

    My wishlist a bit longer ;)

  • @ReNNie I never knew about this site! Thanks~
    My wishlist is longer too, but if I wrote everything, I'd be in the 22nd Century.

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