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  • Hi guys, I would like to ask an expert, you would be kind enough to include this car in gta v?


  • @enzocast98 Do you have a 3D model of this car? Most modders would prefer to convert an existing model, so if you can't find one for free, that might require an investment of real cash to purchase one.

    Have a look on sites like Hum3D, TurboSquid or tf3dm, see what you can find. The more you can provide, the better your chances of someone taking on your request.

  • Unfortunately I can not find a model, not an expert like you. However you can not do anything? I wanted so much.
    You can not do it? Only for this time? Please?

  • @enzocast98 I don't make car mods, sorry. You will need to wait and see if any car modders want to make it.

  • All right, thanks all the same. I hope that create, I care a lot.

  • @enzocast98 patience men, It took me 6 months to get someone to make the F-86F Sabre for me. if you help fund the project modders will be more willing you to do. It helps support them purchase licenses and software in order to make mods possible in GTA V.

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