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Missing Peds and Models in v1.36

  • I'm facing this problem for a long time (i'm not sure what's the cause, i've searched a lot, but never found anything). I just updated my game to v1.36 for Reloaded version, and some peds and models are missing in the game, stripers, truck drivers, some cars, bikes and even one or two story characters are missing. I already tried to downloading the patch again, so its not a corrupted torrent or something. I reinstalled my game over and over, and i've tested every single patch one by one, and the problem starts when I updated it to v1.36.

    Anyone has any idea about what is the problem? Have any solutions, like a missing files download that i'm supose to have downloaded and "missed"? Any help would be appreciated.

  • @Heddarch No suoport here for pirated games.


    The solution is very simple. And it actually rhymes to boot.

    Buy the game or don't complain :)

  • I am sorry but, No one here helps a guy with a pirated game,

    Support the Developers, BUY THE GAME!

    This site is only for people with Legit copies of GTA 5


    ^ some do both...

  • Sorry for all of you that are complain about my pirated game. I live in Brazil and games here are too expensive. GTA V on Steam are R$ 99,99 wich is 1/8 of the minimum salarium here. And i'm not even working right now. Buying the game isn't a option for me right know. You can choose not to help because of it, but don't judge me like if living in a 3th world country wasn't tough enough.

  • Prated games are not supported on this site.

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