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[SCRIPT][WIP]Weapon Recoil

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    Weapon Recoil

    Do you think that weapon game play in Grand Theft Auto V is so ... unrealistic? :confused:

    Every weapon shoot the same, no matter what, and it's far too easy to kill someone...

    Shooting with a 9mm Pistol is NOT the same as shooting with an heavy shotgun, isn't it? :gun:

    So why the hell should be like that in GTA 5? :disappointed:

    This mod will bring you the ultimate realism in weapon recoil! :smirk:

    ⦁ Every weapons has it's own recoil, apart from some of the same category that shares it because of similarity. (Ex : Heavy Pistol and Pistol 50 or Marksman pistol and Revolver).
    ⦁ Attachments are going to affect the recoil. Buying a grip is no more senseless. Also, adding weight to a weapon will (very very slightly) affect recoil, decreasing it a little bit.
    ⦁ Standing still will improve your accuracy reducing recoil.
    ⦁ Moving increase recoil and it will be harder for you to be precise.
    ⦁ Sprinting greatly increase recoil and it will be really hard for you to be precise.
    ⦁ Going in stealth mode will help you a lot, ideally you should always try to shoot standing still in stealth mode.
    ⦁ Moving and sprinting in stealth mode will always be better than just moving and sprinting.
    ⦁ Never spray and pray... better to find a cover if you aren't able to stand still for some second to get an accurate shot.
    ⦁ When in cover , blind fire is now... blind fire! You are not going to be so accurate anymore!
    ⦁Works out of the box with any weapons, also the one that will be implemented in future updates!
    ⦁Recoil is actually not just upwards. Especially for full automatic weapon, you will notice it. You will have to compensate the movement of the gun which will be on every axis.
    ⦁ You will never experience bug like this with this mod...
    alt text
    I'm looking for beta tester for this mod. Do you want to be the first to try this mod? Then let me know! Your thought matters and with your help I can improve this mod before releasing it to everyone else on this site.

    Video Preview

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