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GTAV ENB Series Crash [Please help me]

  • This issue is related to ENB Series.

    Currently, I'm having problems starting up the game w/ ENB Series for GTAV. It has nothing to do with setting up proxies, but it's an issue nonetheless. To my own knowledge, I don't exactly understand why this is happening since ENB Series worked perfectly in the previous months, but now it's not working. Please help me with this issue.

    Issues I'm experiencing:

    1. Launching the game sets my disk usage to 99% on Task Manager.
    2. GTAV works fine with other injectors (e.g. ReShade) except ENB.
    3. After the movie intro nothing else happens until it crashes.
    4. Unable to use Steam Overlay (e.g. FPS counter).
    5. ENB message disappears after using Alt+Tab.

  • This happened to me once, when I tried to Mix up different version of reshade with Different version of ENB,

    You can even try rename the reshade64.dll to dixg.dll see if that helps

    While using a ENB or Reshade because there is some sort of Barrier type thingy between the ENB/Reshade injector and 3rd party FPS overlays like, steam, fraps etc.

  • @RAZ3R_BLAD3 I've done that before, but the issue is that I'm unable to run ENB Series alone (without ReShade). You also mentioned the interference between gaming overlays and the injector itself, which unfortunately is not the solution to my problem. In other words, none of those suggestions helped, but if there's a solution please let me know.

  • What I am trying to say is If you use an Older version of ENB with a newer version of Reshade the would crash, I had recently got the same problem like you, when I was about to use Awesomekills ENB, But now it's fixed

    Btw I am not a pro into this sort of fixing ENB problem took me like nearly 1hr to figure it out and make this game work!

    I am helping because I had encountered the same problem as you!

  • @RAZ3R_BLAD3


    Here's what I wrote into enblocal.ini:


    Using ReShade 3.0.4 + GTAV ENB Series 0.275.

    Conclusions (for now):

    • Launched GTAV without any gaming overlays and waited in different window until ENB Series, from what I think, loaded up or audio from GTAV started playing.
    • Two "ProxyLibrary" functions might have (or not) caused ENB Series to work.

  • Update.

    I've tried the same method of launching w/ ENB Series again, but the game doesn't launch properly so yeah.

    Conclusions (I really need to go outside):

    • Launching the game is a mess.
    • Rarely does it actually launch.

  • @Dasonoto did you try changing the proxy library name to Reshade64 from dxgi?

  • Try unblocking the dll files
    (Right click on d3d11.dll and d3dcompiler_46e and click unblock)
    Maybe this will help , it was crashing for me then i did this and it works

  • Update.

    I've been able to launch the game safely with ENB Series installed. And although launching the game takes time, it's worth it in the end because ENB Series is something that I wanted to run in a long time.

    What I did so far to resolve.

    Just like my third post in this forum mentioning about how I was able to launch ENB Series w/ GTAV, I did the same and it worked again. Fortunately this is the only way I've found on how to launch the game.

    Thanks to @RAZ3R_BLAD3 + @HeySlickThatsMe for giving me advice about launching ENB Series.

  • @Dasonoto Glad your game is working again :D

  • Update.

    I had to make sure that Steam was offline because the game opens in fullscreen that way.

  • welp i did follow everything and still cant get it working


    @MihkaaYT instead of posting in a three year old thread, rather create a new one and post in more detail about your issue

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