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Please Help, Game Crash

  • Please help my game keeps crashing on loading screen and I can't figure out why. Its not giving me any error messages all it says is Grand Theft Auto has stopped working. it was working fine last night and all I've done today was a simple vehicle replace which I have undone in an attempt to resolve the issue.

  • Change gameconfig.xml for more ADDONS


    @IraqVet when the game crashes like that, it's very likely you made an error in one the meta files maybe a charater like < or an entire <Item> or </Item> could be missing. Did you use the mods folder method and/or did you make backups of the meta files before? If not, let the game download those files from R* by validating

  • @IraqVet you can try 2 things here:

    1. Try removing any mod you have installed and replacing it with you backup

    If that didn't worked,

    1. Try verifying your game by Steam
      Right click game on steam > properties and Then Verify your Game Files

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