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[SCRIPT] Singleplayer K.E.R.S.

  • I was wondering if anybody could make a mod that brings the KERS of GTA:O to singleplayer.

  • How does GTA:O KERS work? Never played online.

    Is it the thing that saves the engine rotary power when you brake, and allows you to use it as a small turbo when you accelerate again?


    @Eddlm Yes, it charges the KERS boost meter when you use the brakes in the vehicle, then you can release the KERS boost whenever you want by pressing a button. The vehicles that have this feature are the Principe Lectro and Dinka Vindicator, from what I know atleast

  • Looks simple enough, I can have it in a few days.

    @Manworb All vehicles with EMS engine level 3-4 and all Supercars would have it. That okay?

  • @Carrythxd @Manworb Here it is, hope it's of your liking. https://www.gta5-mods.com/scripts/singleplayer-kers

    Haven't managed to emulate the turbo bar nor the turbo screen effect, sadly. But the functionality is here.


    @Eddlm Nice work! I'll check it out once it's approved

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