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Michael issues

  • Here's a weird one. We have 2 saved games. Mine and my sons. He was playing as Trevor, switched to Michael and as it was zooming on his house the game froze. He can switch from Trevor to Franklin and back to Trevor but not Michael. So I tried to load my game because my last save was with Michael. The game won't even load for me at all. Any ideas? Thanks

  • Did you install any mods?,

    If you did,

    Try replacing it with the stock GTA 5 files and see if it doesn't crash again.

  • I really need I must say it here, but I was having a SUPERSTABLE 1.0.350 for a long time with absolutely no hassle at all, but suddenly my game lost momentum and started crashing after 1-2min of gameplay.

    Tried EVERYTHING, what my lifelong GTA experience has teached me, but NO EFFECT.

    And You all know why I lost my stable game and how did I get it back? Before I lost my stable game, I decided to start playing with Trevor(in addition to Michael and Franklin). I realised it later, but when I continued playing, I kept getting error and crashes. I STOPPED PLAYING TREVOR and everything was, as it had been. It is a weird bug, but after research, there are some crack issues(???), which just doesn´t let you play with ALL three characters simultaneously...

    If somebody was interested, Trevor HAS NO MODS INSTALLED WHATSOEVER...

  • @RAZ3R_BLAD3 I'll try that today. Thanks.

  • @RAZ3R_BLAD3 I removed my Mods folder and started the game....no issues,,can load Michael. Time to go through the mods and figure out the problem..Thanks

  • @JCMgraphics Glad to Help :D

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