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[MISC] Simple Request - Remove health bar under radar.

  • If someone could show me how to remove the health / armour and special abilities bar, that would be really appreciated. What I'm trying to do is have the space under the radar free of those bars and only the radar visible.

  • Just disable your hud in the game settings and keep the radar on.

  • Disabling the HUD only removes the stuff on the top right like the ammo counter. It doesn't disable anything on the bottom left of the screen like the health bar.

  • @sanjrang12 well shit my bad, Is the health bar that bothersome? I guess you turn off your hud and radar? That will do it. I don't think someone will make it. Then again I could be wrong? :)

  • @USKR-Sabre Lol no I'm just trying to make the game as realistic as possible without making it impossible to play ( In terms of immersion ). Eg : Right now I removed all radar blips so that I have to memorize where all the locations are. Low health is symbolized by the character stumbling and armour regens like real life ( still pretty useless tbh )

  • @sanjrang12 I see, i get it too I like the immersive. Try 1st person with no hud or radar?

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