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Why so limiting?

  • Not trying to knock this site, so please do not take away from this that I am, BUT this site is no Nexus. Limits everywhere - 2 Mb file size limits for uploading screenshots, only 18 uploads allowed, the size of the actual mods themselves are understandable due to bandwidth and HD space. Even making comments is a total act of frustration, when you have to wait at least two minutes in between your commenting.

    My current project will cover all of the GTA world-space, so 18 screenshots won't even account for even a single region.

    I see individual modders with their "donate to paypal" buttons, but why not one for the site itself, so we can get this site on bigger servers, and increase the capacities of above-mentioned limits?

  • @rappo <---- he is the only person Qualified to Answer your Questions. i tagged him, he shall respond when he comes online.

    in my opnion as a Mod creator. i find 18 slots enough, Plus 2mb size hmm, i have had mixed feelings about it, but i can take Quality shots under 2 mb. 5mb wooould be alot better i guess. but i am doing Just Great, for HD photos about 1.5 ish mbs right now. without compression. i use JPEG. PNG is better but Takes whole lot MBs.

    Commenting, Notifications. categories, Response times, i find all of these things to be Top noch , when compared to other gaming Forums and websites. i really like this website :) love it.

  • @FoxtrotDelta Thanks, I am surprised this has not been brought up before now. If it has, please accept my apologies for being behind on the matter.

  • @eshenk 2MB is fine for screenshots if you use the right conversion settings. I can get 1920x1200 images in about 1.5MB at almost lossless compression. Don't use .PNG though, it creates overly inflated file sizes that offer almost no benefit. As an example, I have a 1920x1200 PNG that is 3.57MB. As a JPG on almost maximum quality, that same file is 500KB and there is almost no difference in the image quality at all.

    The best solution for the number limit is to create an off-site gallery and then link to it in your description.

    The comment time limit is reputation based as far as I know. It's to stop new accounts from spamming the forums with multiple posts all at once. With your rep I wouldn't have thought you would have that problem... might be worth mentioning that in the site feedback section.

  • @LeeC2202 I have a 40 inch monitor, LOL. I will try converting .png to jpeg to see if I can get the file size down a bit.

  • @eshenk If you're using Photoshop, set the JPG output quality to 10, which it rates as maximum.

  • @LeeC2202 Thanks for the advice. BTW, could you approve my pending update, LOL.

  • @eshenk Only rappo can do upload approval, sorry.

  • @LeeC2202 Really? Only one person can approve mods? I am surprised, he does not provide this function to other moderators, so incoming mods can be approved more timely.

  • @eshenk 1 Admin , of a website is the best thing statistically. he is also the owner of the website. He does an amazing job. he updates the website , resolves problems and conflicts etc. Best Person as an Admin.

    usually 1 Admin is a Good policy.

    let's say you are the Second Admin, the responsibility gets Divided, and if for example you Approve an inappropriate Mod, or Worse a Trojan or a virus Vault. who is to blame? if i am the owner i would be pretty pissed at the 2nd Admin. and would regret giving him the responsibility. but then again its just my view.

  • @eshenk No, he checks every one to make sure there is nothing wrong with it. That's his domain and I am glad he keeps it like that... I don't want to get involved in that side of things for sure.

    People like myself and @FoxtrotDelta who also release mods, have to wait just as long as anyone else. The worst case is it takes half a day, I don't find that a problem.

  • @FoxtrotDelta I am not questioning his skill, nor his devotion to this site. I was here from the start, and have witnessed improvements made over time. I still believe things could be improved by providing moderators with the ability to accept new mods, so it doesn't fall on one guy. What happens if Rappo is in a life-situation where it is impossible for him to approve mods that are waiting for approval? Personally, I believe having moderator in different time-zones, increases the frequency in which mods can be approved, regardless of what time of day or night it is.

  • @eshenk said in Why so limiting?:

    What happens if Rappo is in a life-situation where it is impossible for him to approve mods that are waiting for approval?

    Then they don't get approved and everyone has to respect that he's dealing with something more important than game mods. :\ These are just mods.

  • @eshenk as a moderator i won't accept Such a Responsibility. too much to handle for me.

    Again Statistically 1 Admin is the Best.

  • @eshenk We don't have any control over the main site. We are just regular users there.

    And about screenshot aize,
    My screenshots barely go over 1.5Mb, I use jpg format, resolution is 2160p.

  • @LeeC2202 OK. Just curious is all. No disrespect meant here at all.


    So, with just about every moderator in that came to tell you otherwise...

    I feel the same about the mods section. It's do-able at best. Eg searching for a Paintjob for a specific model? Nope, you have to weed through 2 yrs of uploads for that. Fortunately you can search by author.
    But the upload template seems to limit effective information sharing. Why not have the possibility for an author to upload the readme as a separate entity too so the user doesn't have to download the mod to see if it's described properly?

    Forum section is limp aswell. No subcategories to keep things organized or even ways to change the layout or decrease fontsizes etc. Just a big bunch of hard whites and greens...
    Why can't I align my post to make screenshots center aligned so larger and smaller screens can be combined?

    I mean, GTAF certainly has it flaws too and I always feel lost navigating there but on here it seems good discussions fade out because a thread like that gets overrun by screamers who ask obvious questions in CAPSLOCK.

  • @ReNNie said in Why so limiting?:

    Why not have the possibility for an author to upload the readme as a separate entity too so the user doesn't have to download the mod to see if it's described properly?

    That makes me seriously consider quitting making mods... seriously.


    @LeeC2202 said in Why so limiting?:


    Ouch. That would be the last thing I want...
    Why? I'm curious. Just thinking out loud and it would by no means be mandatory. In what way would that be so bad?

    Have you seen the limits of the text entries at the mods section on mods like VAutoDrive and RDE?
    A better way for users to read that valuable description on-site is what I was proposing. Did I express myself badly?

  • @ReNNie If I have spent weeks or months making a mod and the user thinks that downloading the mod to get to the readme is a problem, then there is a serious inbalance of what each side is giving/getting.

    I am giving weeks of my time, I am hopefully giving the user hours of additional pleasure. Is the few seconds it requires to download the mod really that much of an issue by comparison? Every separate feature that is required, takes more time for the modder to organise and prepare for, than it takes to download the mod. That makes the users time more valuable that the modder's time and that's not the right balance.

    I mean, VAutodrive is 2MB, that's probably going to be finished downloading before I let go of the mouse button.

    The danger is, it might not be mandatory by intent but how long before it gets to the point of users saying "Well this mod has a separate readme, why can't they all have one", at which point it does become mandatory. And then the "Well if we've got a readme, we can have the separate changelog" and then it might be "And now we've got that, we can have an on-site archive of all the versions".

    All of which require preparation and management by the same person who has just dedicated weeks of their time to bring you the actual mod.

    I don't mind modding, I like doing it but if the modders are in danger of having to provide everything on separate plates, then I am equally as happy to stop.

  • @eshenk I understand and definitely don't take offense to your questions/criticism, listening to users' frustrations is the only way I can improve the site.

    I'll explain my reasoning behind the 2Mb screenshot limit. If I allow 5Mb screenshots and let users upload 20 to their mod page, that's 100Mb per mod just for the screenshots. In my opinion, this is totally unnecessary. I would prefer if users uploaded a few images here and then provided a link to a more extensive gallery to showcase every detail of their mod on some other image hosting site, since there are hundreds of sites designed to be image hosts. That said, I can increase the limit to 3Mb soon - beyond that seems unnecessary to me. Even 4K PNGs can be compressed to under that with no visible changes if you're using the right tools. If you'd like you can give me an example of a screenshot that you'd want to post but is too large, and I can double-check how far it could be compressed.

    As for commenting - the two minute wait should not be there if you're commenting on your own mods. If you're still seeing this wait time on your own mods please let me know so I can resolve that. If you're talking instead about commenting on other mods, I can probably change this to 1 minute instead - the 2 minute count is pretty arbitrary, just there to curb spam. It helps with the commenters who copy and paste their YouTube links or vehicle model requests over and over... honestly they're ruining it for the rest of you :p Two minutes may be a bit much, but I'd still like to keep a limit.

    @eshenk said in Why so limiting?:

    What happens if Rappo is in a life-situation where it is impossible for him to approve mods that are waiting for approval?

    This happened once on GTA4-Mods.com... I approved mods in a morphine-induced stupor :slight_smile:

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