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[PLAYER]Mafia 3 KKK members

  • I know it's a touchy subject or controversial but Mafia 3 had KKK members in certain parts of the game. It'd be cool if someone could create a skin mod for them in GTA V for things like machinimas or just flat-out slaughtering them. http://i.imgur.com/xn7exMb.gif
    There are already a few Mafia 3 mods for GTA V so can someone please make this happen?

  • @Hmmmm_Nice_Bike Yeah lets also have some Nazi members then.

  • Um no I wouldn't like to see that in any game that's why I will not get mafia 3 cause of the kkk and it shouldn't be in this game either mod or not I have my personal issues and problems with the kkk and I am white.

  • @Hmmmm_Nice_Bike can you also do the kkk leader and the members as added peds

  • To be fair, both Manhunt titles featured pseudo-KKK and Neo-Nazi factions. I would LOVE to see something like that in V so that I can go out of my way to brutally murder them. Nothing better than dead krauts!

  • @Dannybus I still don't like the idea of racist being in this game especially the KKK cause I have a very big personal issue with it and them.

  • @Unmutual Well to me I feel that who ever made mafia 3 and decided to put racist bs KKK members is a fucktard I will not buy or play games that have the KKK in them or the rebel flag granted GTA 5 has a few rebel flags and I changed them to the American flag I will not allow racists flags or anything in this game.

  • I generally don't accept these kinds of mods here anyway, so I'm just closing this to avoid further discussion of the request.

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