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  • Hello, i have https://fr.gta5-mods.com/scripts/enhanced-taxi-missions , i have all requiered ( dot.net ) and i see a video on youtube wich a guys who do the taxi with the cls 63 amg, i have this car on my game , can you tell me why i can't use this car for the mod and mostly why when i press L nothing apear. Thank you. I'm french so if you can answer me in french it's better but understand English.

  • @Leto2405 The description of the Enhanced Taxi Missions mod says this:

    One custom vehicle can be added to the list via ini settings.

    That means if you want to use the CLS 63 AMG as a taxi, you have to add the vehicle display name in the INI entry "CUSTOMLIMO" of the Enhanced Taxi Missions mod.

  • @Jitnaught
    i have already put it on the ini look it's my ini



  • @Leto2405 Does the mod work for the default vehicles?

  • @Jitnaught

    yes i try with the taxi the mod work perfectly

  • @Leto2405 I found the reason why. It's because the author changed his mod a bit to improve it, but apparently forgot about the custom limo setting.

    So now to add the custom vehicle you have to open up the mod's script file ("EnhancedTaxiMissions.vb") and add the model name to the list of vehicles on line 23.

    What the list looks like before adding the model name

    Public ValidCars() As String = {"ASEA", "ASTEROPE", "BUFFALO", "BUFFALO2".....

    What it should look like after adding your model (replace "PUTMODELHERE" with your model name)

    Public ValidCars() As String = {"PUTMODELHERE", "ASEA", "ASTEROPE", "BUFFALO", "BUFFALO2"......

  • @Jitnaught

    Ok thank you very much you save me!

    Thanks for your investment on my subject. I will say to you if it work.

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