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[MISC] [WIP] Better Storms & Enhance Vehicle lights

  • I am about to release an update for my 2 mods

    But currently WIP

    Better Storm + wind updated to v1.1
    *Optimised values

    *Decreased object wind effect by 3% ( trying to fix bug, in the barber shop there is a small fan in the corner, Straps attached to the fan has glitches, stretches to big size And Wiggles, LOL)

    *Rain drops size reduce by 0.3% (looks amazing)

    Enhanced Vehicle Lights updated to v3.0 [FINAL]

    *Increased Taillights by 5%

    *Bugg/Glitches free version!

  • @RAZ3R_BLAD3 Looking forward to it. and some screenshots from the latest version.

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