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Needing help

  • I want to get rid of the railgun completely and change it with a different weapon with another assault rifle with its own sounds and what not but I can't to seem to find any weapon that would do it I want to replace it cause the alien invasion mod with so many aliens using it is causing crashes after 40 mins of playing due to too many railguns going off and besides I want to replace the aliens with a different ped with its own weapons so instead of aliens it be like either Russian invasion or North Korea that I have to help the U.S. Military defend against them so is there any weapon that I can replace the railgun with completely with? please help thanks.

  • I take it no one knows?

  • Here in the UK it is just before 12 midday, anybody west of here is probably asleep, anybody east of here is probably at work or at school. Most questions need at least 12 hours to start getting replies.

  • @LeeC2202 ahh ok forgot about that I just want to get rid of the railgun completely lol

  • well I looked and looked and no such luck to find a total replacement if anyone knows please let me know

  • well everyone I still haven't found a total replacement of the railgun entirely I just want a weapon that I can replace it with including the way it fires cause no normal replacement will work cause it still shoots the railgun rounds.

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