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Police Lights Rotation

  • Hi Anyone that is reading this,

    i am working on a police vehicle that needs 16 lights (8 blue/8 red). I am using the default lights from the police 2 files i have the odd 1 or 2 lights working when i go in game but other than that they are not working or some lights (mainly blue) are rotated facing the left side of the vehicle. sometimes this fixes itself but it is still very annoying. I think its something i need to change in carcols or carvariations but i am not sure, if someone will help me with this then i would give credit to you when i upload the final versions.


  • Hey Pete! First of all i havent looked really far into modeling for GTA5 but your intentions sound rather complex.

    For the LCPD:FR mod i recently discovered "Emergency Lighting System". Its a script allowing you, in combination with ScriptHook, to map your lights to 3 stages. They use extras to mimic the effect a light has, giving you much more opportunities for lightpaterns. Might be a solution to your problem since the "normal" lighting is limited from what i understand.

    But best check it out on youtube since its easier to show than describe:

  • @DerOkon ok I will have a look into that cheers

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