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i need help...

  • hi i take a problem... since i install a mods my map do not show the events or misions only show my mods

    help plz tnks

  • @turbotronic121 More information is needed...

    We don't know what mods you have installed.
    We don't know how your game is set up.
    We don't know if you're using a mods folder.
    We don't know which version of the game you are running.

    We only know what you tell us, so if you tell us nothing, we know nothing.

  • @LeeC2202
    I have version 1.36
    Install all mods in the scripts folder
    I do not know how to see the configuration ... just the graphics

    And these are the mods I have installed

    0_1488215746874_1.PNG 0_1488215759049_2.PNG

  • @LeeC2202 im solved my problem... but didn´t show secondary missions That's my only problem now

  • @turbotronic121 said in i need help...:

    I have version 1.36

    Your game isn't fully up to date, the latest version is 1.37 (1.0.944.1)

  • @LeeC2202 And how can I get that pirated version? I do not have the money to buy it

  • @turbotronic121 From the site rules:

    Do I need a genuine version of GTA V to use mods?
    Pirated versions are not supported on this site and are not guaranteed to work properly.

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