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how to add or remove a building

  • hello , im new to gta 5 modding and i wanna know if there is a mod where u actually can remvoe or add a building in the map , if yes , can i use it in gta 5 online mods like gta:network and gta orange ?

  • @huntrino about removing, well that hard cause there is a lot of different file ( one for the model, one for the col, multiple for details, plus de LODs) but some can concern multiple building, or multiple col so it make the deleting process really hardcore.

    but for adding, it's ez, you can use any object spawner, that already contain few building, and you can combine with Custom addonprops for more building object.
    About these kind of multiplayer idk

  • @Shaezbreizh i really need to find a way to delete some buildings in gta 5

  • @huntrino well myself i already try, and it's not really doable since object can be linked to other ( more again on Colision and LODs) wich make the thing impossible without editing the 3d model

    If really you wanna try, get OpenIv, copy the folder you wanna modif to MODS
    Once in mods you can try to delete X or Y props
    can't help really more

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