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Add-on/Replacement Car Issues

  • I've noticed if I were to add more cars to the game, it seems that the tuning parts go crazy. Example; one day I will be "tuning" a car in game, such as a bumper or hood, etc. and it will be fine. Another day, I may add another car, or mess around with my mods folder (move it, or the such), and with that same car, now those objects for the car either won't be there (not loading in correctly), or just a jarred in game; such as, just not aligned properly with the car itself.

    I, however, did notice that some modded cars just are not correctly modified (in beta, or however you'd call it). But this seems to be a common issue for me.

    Any tips for this, or would I just simply have to keep reinstalling these cars?

  • @DeadCruiser I'm really not sure, BUT haha....

    I have noticed two add-ons show up as a Warenner in GTAV. So in my mod menu, there are 3 cars with the same name. I think its linked to the mods that use extratitleupdate, say if you had two like mine, and they both have an extratitleupdate paragraph, or it could just be them clashing in general.

    This is a guess, and it's the best guess I have. Trial and error....

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