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[Vehicle][Aircraft] War Thunder Aircraft, (willing to pay\donate for your time)

  • I was just wondering if War Thunder models such as planes are possible to convert to GTA V? If so numerous planes will be listed below.

  • @USKR-Sabre yes they can be. Let me know which ones . and i shall see which ones shall be possible for me. I'll need names.

  • @FoxtrotDelta is that how you converted the f86?

  • @USKR-Sabre no f86f wasn't from war thunder. Even though WAr thunder has a good model too, but I had a different source.

  • @FoxtrotDelta right on. Um to get started P47 thunderbolt, ilyushin sturmovik il 2, mig 3, p38, b25j, a6m5 zero green, f84b thunderjet, Hurricane, Spitfire Mk ix, p40e warhawk (pearl harbor), P80A,

  • @USKR-Sabre

    P47 thunderbolt, mig 3, p38, b25j, a6m5 zero green, f84b thunderjet, Hurricane, Spitfire Mk ix, p40e warhawk (pearl harbor).

    These are the ones i can make in the same amount of time I did for f86f.

    But I need to finish the humvee mod for nathanjames first. Give me 7 days to work on that. I'll get to these in 7 days. Leave me a message on the one you want first.

  • @USKR-Sabre

    @SkylineGTRFreak has some solid interest in world war 2 planes. I think he wants to make a few of these aircraft from the above list u have me.

    So he and I shall shall co-ordinate, I don't want to take a project from him, especially the ones he has interest in.

    But as said above I can do those aircraft. U shall have to wait 7 days for me to finish the humvee model.

    In the mean while I'll ask skylinegtrfreak which aircraft he is interested in making.

  • @FoxtrotDelta yes i agree i know he has P40, A6M2 Zero and b29A he is on his list. He told me he was doing more of german world war 2 planes

  • @USKR-Sabre I'm sending him B29A fortress 3d model right now. I think these 3 you mentioned he might make them.

    I will let I know which ones I will make after talking to him.

  • @USKR-Sabre
    P47 thunderbolt, mig 3, p38, b25j, f84b thunderjet, Hurricane, Spitfire Mk ix

    i can make these . your call. i even have more options. depends on which ones you want.

    working on mods now.

  • @FoxtrotDelta Seems good to me. I had P-38 in mind as well, but I didn't make any real plans for it yet, so you can do it, if you want. Maybe I should focus on some more japanese planes then, like J1N1 Gekko or Aichi Val, so we have something to fight with the US aircraft...

    Oh and B-29 is now in progress :)

  • @SkylineGTRFreak well ask me before spending any money on models. cuz i might have them. Good to know. looking forward to B-29.

  • @SkylineGTRFreak There are a lot of Japanese planes I would like as well. Some Ki, Bombers, Seaplane i will send you the exact models if you are interested? If you and @FoxtrotDelta can collaborate a little on some plane add on or replace that would be great. I can do the A6M2 from the site you gave me @SkylineGTRFreak, I am really wanting the A6M5 Zero pictured below. however have you considered converting them from War Thunder? War Thunder has a lot of Japanese planes. I don't know the process in conversion if it hard or not. However like I said I would make it fair for you time.
    alt text

  • @USKR-Sabre converting from a game as compared to converting from a ready to go 3d model is harder and more time consuming.

    We do both methods , which ever is necessary.

  • @FoxtrotDelta Thank you for the clarification! I can see why hum3d or turbosquid more popular.

  • @USKR-Sabre sadly WarThunder models are near impossible to convert. There are no official tools to extract the files, so the only option is ripping. The problem here is that the models come out distorted and mostly with UV texture mapping destroyed. A real shame, otherwise it would be my go-to source for WWII models.

    I'd more than gladly do the A6M2 Zero though...

    alt text


    I gotta say though, the positive thing with gamemodels is that you can be pretty sure that those models are optimized polycount and texture wise, so they will work without much hassle in GTA. Sometimes bought 3D models can be really shitty to work with..

  • @USKR-Sabre sometimes there are ready to go models from games too. Extracted by dedicated people and made ready for converting to other games,

    I extract models from games as well, those which I need badly, but it can take weeks to get 1 model properly out of a game.

  • @SkylineGTRFreak the fortress looks good!

  • @SkylineGTRFreak @FoxtrotDelta understood, that makes sense now

  • @SkylineGTRFreak Wow that model looks amazing.

  • @SkylineGTRFreak hold your horses sir! I can provide A6m5 zero , no need to buy it, check your inboxes :) aren't i resourceful :)

  • @USKR-Sabre. Forgot to tag you in above comment too. I just realized you wanted A6M5 specifically, you are in luck my friend!

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