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Replace Car's

  • Hey,

    when i replace a car like the coquette to this https://es.gta5-mods.com/vehicles/chevrolet-corvette-c7-unlocked-extras what can i do with the tuning parts?

    So the Coquette got a lot of Tuningparts... when i saw now a corvette they will drive with ugly side frontbumper and so on...

    pls help

  • So after downloading the mod quickly i noticed the author only made edits to the model. Because the coquette usually has alot of tuning parts some of them haven't been replaced so they are still the default. However I don't imagine you are seeing many customised coquettes in singleplayer and i recommend not using the mod in multiplayer as it can result in you getting banned or put in the cheater pool.

  • I know I do not use mods online .
    My problem is much more like that when I in single player replaced a vehicle as the Sentinel , but there is no tuning parts for this vehicle , the existing tuning parts of the original are on the new car .
    it just looks like shit.
    If i delete the folder of the tuningparts the game will crash.
    If I delete the Tuningfiles they remain available

    Respectively , can i do something in the config to turn the tuningparts off?

    sorry for my bad english

  • @ITribute Either replace the car the mod was supposed to or edit the sentinel carcols etc. I'm not very familiar with all the files that need to be edited for tuning parts but i recommend just replacing the specified vehicle.

  • @JozefG it works, ty.. but i got a new problem.. for the banshee i found only the carcols.ymt ... how can i edit that?

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