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Shut the peds random comments off

  • Hi does anyone know of, or could create a mod to shut the comments off? I'm sick of driving down a street with a bunch of random people calling out to me - totally un-immersive. Especially on highways when you wouldn't hear their comment even if they made it (mostly I am annoyed by it when I'm driving normally).

    Anyway, any suggestions would be very welcome thank you.

  • I had found a file not too long ago that dictated the range you were from a ped to activate their ambient dialogue... most of them are around 10 meters default I think. I'm working now but when I get home I can find out for sure, I think the file is called ambientdialogue.meta or something close. You could probably set their conversation ranges to 0 maybe

  • The file is called ambientaudio.meta, you can find it in common.rpf/data/ai , but if you're going to modify it be sure to place it in mods/update/update.rpf/common/data/ai instead so it'll actually apply. I think that file might not be what you want though, because on further inspection it might be about how the main characters are able to dynamically interact with different ped types (fat people, gang members, police etc) when E is pressed near them. However, there's also prompts in there for the way other NPCs react to the player as well. I'm not sure how much you want to axe but you can play around with the values in that file using Notepad++, most entries have a <MaxDistance value="10.0" /> entry you can mess around with. Just change it to 1.0 or 0.0 for whatever ones you think might help instead of the original 10.0 value or whatever it had. There's a shitton there to go through though so good luck. Anything else might have to be done via script which unfortunately I can't do much to help with really

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