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The 1950s-1970s GTAV

  • @John-Lemon hey mate your cars looks great :) Im not doing a car pack i just show what i do or what we can do in that game to turn it back to the 70"s. But yeah of course when you will have finish them i will put your cars in the list ;) there is the place for the 70's lovers !

  • @toitoine66 We have a few map editors here who could chop the modern out of LA.His names Dekurwinator, he's the guy who made the gm_susquehanna map.

  • @toitoine66 I can do allat texture wise. But i can't change the model, or well I dont have the patience

  • @toitoine66 Thanks man! It's cool to know I'm helping out with something!

  • LAPD detective comming soon too in association with Baud04120_1500986384680_20170725133703_1.jpg 0_1500986391373_20170725140656_1.jpg 0_1500986410982_20170725133127_1.jpg 0_1500986416022_20170725134728_1.jpg 0_1500986437478_20170725134014_1.jpg

  • 0_1500996715271_hhh.jpg

  • 0_1500996763871_11170307.jpg

  • Soon the trues Hippies

    0_1501586034761_20170801040307_1.jpg 0_1501586062872_20170801034903_1.jpg 0_1501586070873_06834ea357758eb3e770170744154628---woodstock-woodstock--photos.jpg 0_1501586079960_20170801040648_1.jpg

  • @Toritoine66 Any car that you'd like me to model? I'm wrapping up the 1965 Pontiac Catalina and looking to make the 1966 Catalina and Impala a quick one. Well, quicker than the 1965 Catalina anyway. I'm thinking about my next project and I want an idea

  • @John-Lemon you want some idea ? well I have a lot of idea lol

    why not that nice plymouth ? :

    Or that sweet chevy ?


    or that sexy 1971 plymouth fury


    I can give you a tone of exemple ^^

  • This post is deleted!

  • @Toitoine66 I'll look into it! I'll try to see about them all and pick at least one of them. But I am just I modeler, I don't convert them over GTA (I'm too poor to get Zmodeler :< ). So if you could point me to someone who has Zmodeler and does conversions, I'll do the modeling work and they'll do the conversion. From the sounds of it, you guys want more classic and sexy police cars for the dumbass police officers of Los Santos to trash trying to kill you. Does that sound right? :3

  • @toitoine66 I skimmed google for 5 minutes I didn't find the exact version of what you wanted, but I did find a 1960 Impala (2 Door Convertible), 1969 Road Runner and 1972 Fury (4 Door Sedan) all for GTA San Andreas. If we got a good Zmodeler, they'd be able to turn them around and get them ready for GTA 5. Now I can still make the cars you showed me, but they'll take some time before I'm satisfied with what I modeled


    Also, what about a 1965 Plymouth Fury? That hasn't been modeled yet, nor is anything close to has, that's something I can get into

  • @John-Lemon hey thoses cars looks realy sweet , i should ask in some discords if somebody can do it in ZM3 cause i don"t have it too i tryed but that s was too difficult for me ^^ one day i should learn before take a new licence

  • Soon tunnel rat Vietnam tiger stripe for Trevor
    0_1501950244965_20170805162003_1.jpg 0_1501950294900_20170805162143_1.jpg

  • 0_1502111531010_20170807141546_1.jpg 0_1502111539602_20170807143550_1.jpg

  • What about changing the radio station to have more 70's style radio stations? Radio Stations like Los Santos Rock Radio, Low Down and Rebel Radio's changes would be minimal. Channels like El, Radio Los Santos and Soulwax FM would get replaced. Then Channels like Non-Stop-Pop-FM, The Lab, and Channel X would have line up change, Keep the name, but change the songs in it. Such as Be My Baby for NSP FM and other 1960's and 70's Charting Pop songs. Maybe change Channel X to play 50's Rock N' Roll songs that never really charted to play on the idea of B movies because of 'X' in the name ('X' Really reminds me of the B-Movie Doctor 'X', and the 50's being the time when kids would go see B-movies for fun.) I thinking for The Lab to change it to a classic R&B and true Blues stations with guys like Otis Redding, Al Green, John Lee Hooker, and Muddy Waters.

    I thinking we should also have channels for Folk Rock, Soft Rock, Hard Rock, and Classic Rock too. For Soft Rock I'm thinking Neil Young, Gilbert O'Sullivan, John Lennon, Roy Orbison and Dobie Gray. Folk, I'm thinking Simon and Garfunkel, America, Jim Croce and Arlo Guthrie. Hard Rock has to have AC/DC, Steppenwolf, The Rolling Stones, The Hollies, Jimi Hendrix and Ram Jam. For Classic Rock I'm thinking Queen, The Beatles, The Beach Boys, The Doors, The Who and The Kinks

    I haven't listened to all the radio stations in GTA 5, so don't know what channels should stay, and what should go, but I know a lot of people like stations like K Rose and K DST from San Andreas, maybe it makes sense to bring them back

  • Another question, what year (or time period) of the 70's are we trying to go for? 70-71? (very much like the 1960's) 72-74? (What cartoons depict the 70's minus the Disco) 77-79? (What cartoons depict the 70's as after Disco got popular) or 75-76 (The slump period of the 1970's, when luxury was the big thing)

    To me, it seems to be about 1971 or 1972, in that case, why are we using 1978 Furys? :P

  • @John-Lemon You do realize this mod is still going through changes, right...?

    As for the radio stations, depending on how long they may have been in business for, would some radio stations change.

    Chances are though a lot of them will be switched around, as well as the music changed.

  • @krashadam I'm aware that it's changing, but I'm asking because each year in the 1970's can make a big setting differences. I was only asking so I have an idea what we're doing and so I have an idea of how to help. I only want to help the mod grow, get better and then we'll make Los Santos Great Again!

    John Lemon for San Andreas State Governor :D

  • @John-Lemon Well for the radio I use Self Radio mod, i had put someting like 5 hours of 70"s songs i use the true Radio broadcast downloded on Youtube and i had put some old school tuning shearching radio sound between each files like that each time you change your song it like you turn the radio Button.

    After i m not focalised in only one period of the 70"s people do as they want , i changed cars and stuffs for the each time period i wanted to show. I use more the AMC Matador or the Plymouth Belvedere than the 1978 fury...

  • @toitoine66 Ok so this isn't a mod pack then? I don't know how to feel about that, I still would like to make a 70's mod pack in a similar fashion to the GTA 5 Space mod! I think that would be awesome if somebody did that. You just install a .OVI file pack into your mod folder and boom! Los Santos is back in the 1970's! I don't know, that was my impression till now. Still think it would be awesome to do that though

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