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Need Help with restoring my game files

  • Hi, I tried to use some fun mods on my copy of gta V on steam, and I was new to this kind of stuff and didnt make a mods folder, ive also used openIV and modified some textures and did some stuff i had forgotten, I reinstalled the game but i am still very paranoid, please help

  • @BigDubbbber Go to your Steam Library, right-click on the Grand Theft Auto V entry, choose Properties > Local Files > Verify Integrity of Game Files... and all your game files will get put back to their default state.

    When you've done that, set up a mods folder.

  • Are you positive this works? Will I be able to play Online without a risk of ban? Sorry if it seems like im doubting you, Im not, its just that im very paranoid about this kind of stuff

  • @BigDubbbber If you don't use any mods, you won't get a ban.

    So if you have a mods folder, you are best removing that, along with anything that runs scripts... like ScriptHookV (dinput8.dll and ScriptHookV.dll) ScriptHookVDotNet.asl and OpenIV.asi. You are also better off removing any asi mods from your game folder, along with your scripts folder.

    Verifying your game files after that will leave you with a game that won't be able to run mods, so it will be safe... as long as you remove the files I have stated.

    If you want to play mods and play online, then you need to read up on this post I made here (and the ones just after it) https://forums.gta5-mods.com/topic/1451/tutorial-grand-theft-auto-v-modding-a-few-things-you-should-know/81

    That will explain how to set up two versions of the game.

  • So if I verify my game files all files changed by OpenIV will be reverted to normal?, Also, Im new to the modding stuff so i dont understand it, would I be able to send a link to a screenshot of my files and you could tell me if im all set to play?

  • @BigDubbbber Verifying your files won't change anything in the mods or scripts folder, it will only change the original game files... that's why you have to remove them manually.

    If you want to post a screenshot (or link), go ahead and I can mark the files you need to remove, that won't get replaced by verifying.

  • Sorry, Im having trouble taking a screenshot, first time doing it

  • @BigDubbbber If you want a screenshot of the whole desktop, press the PrtSc key. If you want a screenshot of just the Windows Explorer window, press ALT + PrtSC key and that will just capture the active window.

    Then open Microsoft Paint, and go to Paste and that should copy the screenshot into it. Save it as a JPG, not a BMP to keep the file size down.

  • 0_1488320083078_upload-43b3aade-1a89-4a6d-a82b-0af2dffd8ff2

  • @BigDubbbber Are you on a Mac?

    There a few differences between what I have and what you have but that's probably partly because I am running the retail version. If you are on a Mac, that might also explain why there are some GPU related file differences.

    Other than that, it looks like a completely clean folder, which is perfect. That should verify fine, which will make it perfectly safe for playing online without mods.

  • @LeeC2202 Haha yea, Im actually running windows through bootcamp, So just to verify im all set with being able to play online?, And to double check, I modified some of the original game files using open IV, If i verify my game cache, will the modified game files, things like .ytd, and others, It will be back to normal with the original ytd files unmodified?

  • @BigDubbbber Yep, anything it detects as being different, will be re-downloaded and replaced.

    The retail version won't let you modify the original files, so it always means your game files have to be untouched. Steam lets you modify anything, which can (and does) cause problems.

  • oh sweet, because i modified, some of the textures and i was very paranoid. So I verify the integrity of the game cache and all the textures will be fixed? P.S. Sorry for being such a hassle lol

  • @BigDubbbber Yep, that's right.

    And it's not a problem... We'd rather you ask ten questions and get it right, rather than one question and get a ban. :slight_smile:

  • Thank you! Im very excited to get back to playing!

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