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two player mod with split screen or offline lan mode please

  • So I recently saw about a two player mod but it had no split screen support so i would like to request one of it.
    And about rendering two times extra wouldn't it he possibible to instead limit the distance the two players can move from each other
    Or if its not possible atleast an offline lan which can be played offlind by connection on the same hotspot

  • @kukupie two monitor setup would be even nicer but who has this awesome skill to make such a mod? Not me

  • @FoxtrotDelta can you consult some other good modders. As a team it would be lil more better and I saw in the forum of this post that he managed to split screen but the keyboard was controlling the 2 players. Maybe you can ask him (ie-the script maker benjamin94)

  • Is probably not be possible. Rage engine not allows two rendering cameras in the same rendered frame to create a split screen with different rendered path. The option is a LAN connection and that already exists.

  • @Rarefacer can you enlighteb me on how to play with lan

  • @kukupie I will try but no promises as. I have a medical condition that is forcing me to stay away from computers.

  • @FoxtrotDelta thats wonderful bud i really appreciate your kindness.
    Btw if it gets too hard to do
    I have another simple mod idea about cod/bf health system can you check it out :) it will be easy i think for you.

  • Wut? The only way to play with 2 players is having 2 computers and playing online...

  • @TheLoneWolf293 there's a two player mod. All it needs is a split which he achieved but never released as the keyboard was controlling both of them

  • Hmm

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