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[VEHICLE]Mercedes-Benz CL5.5 W215 AMG

  • really want to see this car in GTA 5, but
    but I could't find this mod.MERCEDES-BENZ CL-CLASS W215. This car is very beautiful, please make this mod!
    Я очень хочу увидеть эту машину в GTA 5, но я не смог найти этот мод. MERCEDES-BENZ CL-CLASS W215. Эта машина выглядит просто а****, сделайте этот мод, пожалуйста!

    alt textalt textalt text

  • @FrogManKenig You already have a thread for this car, which I have only just moved. I will lock that thread seeing as you have added a poll to this one.

    In future, please make just one thread about a vehicle/request.

  • @LeeC2202 Sorry, I removed the old thread

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