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  • Yeah... more tuner cars please. And I ask that it's not just some lame stance car. I mean like actual tuner cars like a boosted EG hatch or a drift 350. I mostly just want really tunable cars that are popular in the real world car scene right now. There are a lot of stance car mods, but, like I just said, no stance, just customization. Stance versions for each car is fine, but I want a normal version, too.

    Sorry if I sounded demanding, it's just what I want to see and I don't know how to make car mods (yet). Thanks guys!

  • @TheEntraP3 just find a handling file that you like which is suitable for racing, drifting, off road, etc... and you should be fine. https://www.gta5-mods.com/vehicles/lamborghini-murcielago-sv-libertywalk the drift version in this mod already has a drift handling setup. You could also consider getting some custom tuner wheels from gta5-mods.com they have alot.

  • @wlupoli I was meaning like tunable add-on cars. I already know how to do racing, drift, offroad, etc. tunes for cars, but I want to see more cars being added to the game with lots of modification options.

  • @TheEntraP3 there is plenty already out there and they are not all ricers or stance cars. @Rmod-Customs has a lot of cool cars with extras

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