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  • I was wondering if there will be any sports mods out to play sports I seen the basketball courts and a baseball field and a track and field as well maybe some American football as well I think it be a awesome mod to have like a script of some sort or something lol but ya I think it be awesome to see in the game and to utilize whats there don't you all agree?.

  • @Jitnaught well that's good for basketball what about baseball and American football I don't do soccer?

  • @TR71777 The thing holding a lot of mods back, especially ones like this, is the animations. We can't use custom animations, so everything has to use the ones already in there, which is severely limiting what can be done.

    So swinging a bat is out, even throwing something is not ideal. All we can hope for, is that at some point, we get the ability to use custom animations... at which point, it will, as they say... be a whole new ballgame. :D

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