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How to replace a car with another car

  • Hi guys i have a question : when im downloading for example a mercedes s class i dont want it do replaced with a normal car thats sound is not good i want it to replace it with the dlc car schafter v12 how does this work thanks for help:)

  • This is probably better in the troubleshooting section, so I'll move it there for you.

  • This post is deleted!

  • Just to go back to your question... if you find another car that you would rather replace, you can usually just change the name of the files and that will replace that car instead.

    So say you had a car that had all its files called elegy.yft, elegy_hi.yft and elegy.ytd... if you changed them to sultan.yft, sultan_hi.yft and sultan.ytd, it would replace the sultan instead.

    I think some modders choose the replace vehicle because it handles in a similar way to the one they are replacing it with. So you might have to be careful of that...

    I think it is something you would have to experiment with, just make sure that you make backups first of any files you are going to replace, just in case.

  • @LeeC2202 thank you finally got a answer :) very good mod

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