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[SCRIPT - DONE!] Non-Explosive Crash Landings OR Automatic Aircraft/Helicopter God Mode

  • Pretty simple request, I don't care how it's accomplished but currently crash landing in jets and helicopters sucks because you instantly blow up, which may be realistic, yes, but it's far cooler to go hurling into some branches and crawl out of the bent wreckage with five wanted stars still on you.

    Ideally, when the game reads the plane/helicopter takes damage it should automatically force god mode upon the vehicle, however that concept may be flawed as it'll activate too late/the way to get vehicle damage via script is finnicky (though I am no professional scripter).

    A far simpler method of accomplishing this (while not perfect and I'm sure some users will complain, I however won't) would be to simply activate full vehicle god mode as soon as the player enters an aircraft or helicopter, then switch it off when the player exits the craft. This is all I really need at the end of the day; anything else would be great but is definitely not necessary if difficulty gets in the way.

    I've tried a few different .meta edits to accomplish this on my own (handling.meta & explosion.ymt) but it seems when choppers & aircraft go down it's hard coded for them to explode, regardless of the collision/engine damage multipliers that are found within handling.meta and regardless of who is driving them, be it the player or NPCs.

    The only way I could get a hard landing like I want is to go into my trainer and turn on vehicle god mode beforehand (the big god mode -- mechanical, cosmetic & visual) which is really immersion-breaking, and sometimes not possible in the given timeframe the crash occurs in and would work out much better if you could just bury her as needed without jumping through menus. Many thanks in advance if anyone picks this up.

  • @Zippo-Raid Try this https://drive.google.com/file/d/0B7LFvItVrwd0dVdvd1pQOTlhRjA/view?usp=sharing

    In there is a dll version and a straight.cs script so you can see what it is doing and change it if required.

  • If you already got that, you might have to get the new version (same link, GD does version management which is useful)... I was checking for the wrong name type for the police "Maverick"... I was using Vehicle.DisplayName instead of Vehicle.FriendlyName... new version is now using the right one.

    It's the one helicopter that isn't actually in the Helicopter vehicle class, it's in Emergency... damned thing. :(

  • @LeeC2202 holy shit dude... you are on point as always; i did a couple test runs and so far it's working beautifully, i can't thank you enough!

  • You're welcome... if it ever needs anything more, just shout up.

  • I've been having a blast with it my man, however as fun as it was I looked into the .cs file included and changed this line to true despite my original request:

    veh.CanBeVisiblyDamaged =

    Now, the crafts still won't explode but are able to take a GOOD amount of bent-up damage! Like a crashed aircraft should -- damaged rotors, shattered glass, I couldn't ask for more! I still can't thank you enough, once again you are the man!

  • @Zippo-Raid I wasn't sure what each one of those did, so just added all the options I could find.

    That's exactly why I like to give people the mod in script form for personal requests though. It lets them see what it's doing and also lets them change what it's doing to suit them.

  • you're the hero gta 5 mods needs but doesn't deserve ... stay golden amigo

  • :blush:

  • Another fantastic script by LeeC2202 here. Thanks a lot. I kinda wished to have something like that but kept forgetting to ask for it, now it's done even without me asking! You're amazing. =)

  • @Forrest-Gimp The stupid thing is... I kept thinking about this for myself for using on my rampage sessions. I used to fly around with god mode on, land on a building, start a police rampage and blow the helicopter up so it dropped on them... but I always forgot to turn god mode off.

    Crazy that it takes someone else to suggest it, before I actually write the thing. :D

    And thank you btw. :slight_smile:

  • @LeeC2202
    It's also very useful in some missions, for example I'm making some Build a Mission stuff with helicopters/planes transporting cargo and peds, but if someone shoots aircraft even a little, it starts breaking down, so it was nigh impossible to transport something on huge distances. Now it wouldn't be so hard. =)

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