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NPCs die automatically sometimes?

  • I've had a few cases where NPCs just die on their own.

    The first time was when you repo the bike. All the NPCs in the alley worked fine, but the guy on the bike died before he even set off.

    The 2nd time was at Michaels house. The gardner was dead when I arrived, and his son died as soon as I got near the window. (fails the mission of course)

    I assume a mod is doing this but not sure which one, or how to fix it.

    Mods I have:
    Realistic Driving
    World of Variety
    RDE 3.01

  • Two things that might be an issue is either world of variety and RDE. Since these characters are single player peds that are dying, RDE or world of variety must be using them. Once one of these plugins spawn another one in, the game will only use one (alive) ped. This means that the game will delete (and/ or kill) the oldest one of the two. Best thing is is to remove those mods and try again. If it doesn't happen again, you've solved your problem.

  • I think it is RDE doing it. I redid mods leaving that out but using FTF&R instead and so far no issues.

  • Good to know I'm not the only one having this problem :P Had this bug weeks ago and couldn't manage to find out which mod caused all of these deaths. Backups are great :P But yeah, caused by RDE sounds quite possible to me.

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