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Changing ped voices?

  • I want to add voices on my peds too. I had read the topic and try to make the cs script wrote by meimeiriver. I had copy/paste the script in notepadd++ and saving it in a cs file named "voice.cs" and put it in my GTA main folder and also in script folder. doesn't work. When I spawn females peds they still have no voices. I saw this in the script:
    "KeyDown += OnKeyDown;" I don't know if the "+ key" is for enabled the script. I tried to press "+ key" on keyboard and Numpad ingame but nothing seem to do and still no voices.
    Of courseI have ScriptHookVDotNet and my other installed mods work well.

    I really don't know how scripts work. Anyone can help me ? Your work seem pretty good why don't you release it as a mod ? I've searched for a mod that can add voice to peds adds by AddonPeds mod and found nothing.

    Sorry for the inconveniences and bad english.
    Thank you :)

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  • @ReNNie Could you help me out with this? Explain it step by step? I don't need help modifying the voice, I just need to know where to put the peds.meta / peds.xml. I can't find a place where to put it that makes it work with the game.

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  • @QBit07 Can you help?

  • hi,
    i'm new to this. and i hope you guys will help me.
    So, i downloaded "Harley Quinn" addonpeds mod.. and to be honest it isn't fun without playing the voices of the model you are playing with. i have tried everything... added voice pack files to the "SFX" folder and tried to tried to play through menyoo ... the name addonped name was there but, no audio..
    i think in game directory there a file where you have to define the new added entities and i cant find it..

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