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Car windows / doors

  • Is there a way to roll down windows without them instantly rolling up or down? Is it possible to detach a window, move it, reattach it? I know how to get the bone index and coords of a window but don't know how to move it or convert it into an entity so I can move it.

    Like rolling the windows down slowly. Or rolling them down half way.

    As for doors, is there a way to lock them in place once opened? like putting a trailer gate down (I think it's vehicledoor.trunk) and keeping it down. And closing it goes really slow even with setting the angle at the fastest (5 I think).

    Freezing the trailer, disabling collisions works but then you can't drive on it. I hacked together some apply force code but it's ugly and the whole trailer jiggles even when applying a small force to the bone index. The only other solution I've seen is constantly setting it to open/instantly which pushes it back down in place even when something bumps it. Thanks!

  • @LeeC2202 Ahh I see how he did it, clever bastard. Thanks!

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