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I found 66 black girl peds I need help to pick one to buy tonight to donate.

  • I have found over 66 models of black females and I hope they are all rigged and full of everything needed to put in GTA 5 now I will pay for one tonight but it will have to be the $10.00 range for now as for the rest I will get like 2 or 3 a month and donate to who ever is willing to make these black girls to be put in the game as either streamline/IG/CS/and regular replacement and or all of the options with fully working everything female voices and mouth movments.

    I now need you all to pick wich one of the $10.00 black girl ped I should get tonight and donate to who ever would put her in the game I will leave a link to my wish list and you can help me pick which one I should get and donate.

    here is the link to my wish list:https://www.daz3d.com/wishlist.
    please let me know which one of the $10.00 black female peds i should get tonight.

    P.S. Don't get me wrong all the female peds like the anime ones are pretty awesome and all but there is way too many white girl anime peds and white girls and not enough black girls or any ethinic female I just want to add some black girls to add more flavor to the mix in the ped mods that's all
    and I do have skype and facebook my Skype name is my real name Thomas Reilly.

  • I take it no one is going to help me pick out the $10.77 black girl ped?

  • Hey TR, send me that link again. I'll give some input on which sistas should be GTA V worthy.

  • @BatKnight ok bro here is the link https://www.daz3d.com/wishlist

  • @BatKnight I don't know if it would show up for you but I hope you get to see them

  • @TR71777 -- Just brings up a login page.

  • @BatKnight damn how can I post the ones I found on my account on there do you need my password for my account on there?

  • @TR71777 -- Is it possible for you to post screenshots of some of the ones you have in mind?

  • @BatKnight let me get some screenshots are you going to still be on?

  • @TR71777 -- Yep.

  • @BatKnight ok give a sec to separate the lowest cost to the highest and ill post the whole list as well

  • @TR71777 -- Roger that.

  • @BatKnight ok here is the list for the $10.00 to $11.00
    0_1488529251961_Screenshot (18).png
    0_1488529266090_Screenshot (19).png
    0_1488529277088_Screenshot (20).png
    0_1488529307026_Screenshot (21).png
    0_1488529317376_Screenshot (22).png
    0_1488529334433_Screenshot (23).png
    0_1488529346193_Screenshot (24).png
    0_1488529356712_Screenshot (25).png
    0_1488529366000_Screenshot (26).png
    0_1488529376592_Screenshot (27).png
    0_1488529393186_Screenshot (28).png
    0_1488529407144_Screenshot (29).png
    please look and choose from this batch cause at this time I can only afford one of them at this price for now.

  • @TR71777 -- Senna for Monique 7 is gorgeous (...she fine, man!). Who are you leaning toward?

  • @BatKnight here is set two the $12.00 to $17.00 range which I will get at a later time.
    0_1488529536505_Screenshot (30).png
    0_1488529545352_Screenshot (31).png
    0_1488529551505_Screenshot (32).png
    0_1488529558463_Screenshot (33).png
    0_1488529572175_Screenshot (34).png
    0_1488529581888_Screenshot (35).png
    0_1488529589249_Screenshot (36).png
    0_1488529596728_Screenshot (37).png
    0_1488529602913_Screenshot (38).png
    0_1488529609296_Screenshot (39).png
    0_1488529616928_Screenshot (40).png
    0_1488529625809_Screenshot (41).png
    0_1488529634785_Screenshot (42).png
    0_1488529642849_Screenshot (43).png
    0_1488529651338_Screenshot (44).png
    0_1488529659376_Screenshot (45).png
    0_1488529675999_Screenshot (46).png
    0_1488529684209_Screenshot (47).png
    0_1488529691425_Screenshot (48).png
    0_1488529699552_Screenshot (49).png
    0_1488529710392_Screenshot (50).png
    0_1488529720768_Screenshot (51).png
    0_1488529729384_Screenshot (52).png
    0_1488529755800_Screenshot (53).png
    0_1488529762832_Screenshot (54).png
    0_1488529771472_Screenshot (55).png

  • @TR71777 -- Shaneka, another gorgeous sista.

  • @BatKnight part two of the second batch of the $12.00 to $17.00
    0_1488530050875_Screenshot (56).png
    0_1488530057895_Screenshot (57).png
    0_1488530064440_Screenshot (58).png
    0_1488530071143_Screenshot (59).png
    0_1488530077585_Screenshot (60).png

  • @BatKnight right now I have to go for the $10.00 to $11.00 ones for now so which one of those I chose tonight?

  • @TR71777 -- Grace.


    definitely some fine looking models in there :thumbsup_tone4:
    If they will be created as an add-on ped (for Meth0d's script) I'll chime a couple of bucks for ya
    Eg Cara HD for Victoria 6 or Kelly from Victoria 7

  • @TR71777 -- Who's caught your eye?

  • @BatKnight ok let me look at her again and ill post the last set the most expensive ones that I will get later on as well these are the $18.00 and UP.

    0_1488530454368_Screenshot (61).png
    0_1488530464382_Screenshot (62).png
    0_1488530472269_Screenshot (63).png
    0_1488530478159_Screenshot (64).png
    0_1488530483413_Screenshot (65).png
    0_1488530491390_Screenshot (66).png
    0_1488530498166_Screenshot (67).png
    0_1488530504374_Screenshot (68).png
    0_1488530511966_Screenshot (69).png
    0_1488530518525_Screenshot (70).png
    0_1488530529479_Screenshot (71).png
    0_1488530536565_Screenshot (72).png
    0_1488530543749_Screenshot (73).png
    0_1488530550725_Screenshot (74).png
    0_1488530560390_Screenshot (75).png
    0_1488530567005_Screenshot (76).png
    0_1488530572837_Screenshot (77).png
    0_1488530580269_Screenshot (78).png
    0_1488530586821_Screenshot (79).png
    0_1488530593343_Screenshot (80).png

  • @TR71777 -- Marie

  • @BatKnight I can't get grace or the other higher ones yet I can only get the $10.00 to $11.00 ones at this time so which one out of the ones that are $10.00 to $11.00?

  • @TR71777 -- If I had to choose? Senna.

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