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I found 66 black girl peds I need help to pick one to buy tonight to donate.

  • here is the full list all together.
    0_1488531061282_Screenshot (10).png 1_1488531061283_Screenshot (7).png.png](Uploading 0%) 2_1488531061283_Screenshot (8).png Uploading 0%)

    0_1488531073732_Screenshot (14).png 1_1488531073732_Screenshot (11).png ![2_14885310737323_1488531073732_Screenshot (13).png _Screenshot (12).png](Uploading 0%)

    0_1488531085059_Screenshot (17).png 1_1488531085059_Screenshot (15).png 2_1488531085059_Screenshot (16).png

  • @BatKnight ok let me look at her I was also looking at Zari and or Nala and Nia two for the price of one

  • @BatKnight Senna is a good one good pic lol

  • @BatKnight so Senna is a good so Ill get the others next time lol

  • I just bought senna

  • Did you check the license restrictions on those? And more importantly, did you check the requirements for them?

    Some of them are not stand-alone models, they are morphs for the base model. So if a model says "For Victoria 7 (V7)" it means that you must own Victoria 7 and that model, to get the final morphed end result.

    I mentioned the license restriction issue in one of your many earlier threads... if you breach that license, it's not like taking some DeviantArt model with a personal use license, you are breaching the license restrictions of a major commercial model seller.

    I have been a Daz3D/Poser user for many years, which is why I warned about that with good reason. So just be aware that if it is restricted, it might not be a trouble free experience.

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