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Senna black girl ped

  • I just bought this ped and I have all the files to her and I was wondering anyone could put her in the game as she is I am hoping that she will be able to have a female voice a black girl voice preferably and have all the moving parts mouth and all I was also wondering if anyone can make her a add on ped as well as a streamline ped with like the CS peds and IG peds as well if anyone is interested I will gladly donate the files to you and if you want to add her to the ped mods you can if you like to here is the girl I picked for the first black girl ped here is Senna.

    0_1488534224761_Screenshot (20).png




  • @TR71777 You've got exactly the problem with this as I have just posted about in your other thread... "Senna for Monique 7"... that means that you need Monique 7 to get this mesh. And if Monique 7 requires something else, like Victoria 7, then you need that as well.

    That's not an optional thing either, this model obviously uses Monique 7 as a Morph base.

  • @LeeC2202 so basically this is useless then? I mean I paid 10.77 for this and if I have to pay 0ver 40 to 50 dollars just to get the rest then I guess this is useless then smmfdh all I wanted was some black girl peds to be added but everyone is so focused on anime peds and super heros I guess I just waisted 10.77 then

  • @LeeC2202 wow I just say the pro its well over $134.00 and the other is well over $89.00 smdh

  • @LeeC2202 ok this is what this $10.77 comes with.

    Senna is a gorgeous, sensual, curvy new beauty for Monique 7.
    Senna comes with detailed skin crafted on the Genesis 3 Base Female UV set and custom sculpted HD Head and Body morphs built off the Monique 7 shape for Genesis 3 Female. Senna comes with 7 normal makeups, 7 makeups with liner, 7 matching lip colors and 7 eye colors.
    What's Included and Features
    Senna for Monique: (.DUF)
    Senna Character Preset
    Senna Head Apply/Remove
    Senna Body Apply/Remove
    Senna Nails Apply/Remove
    Senna Navel Apply/Remove
    Senna Nipple Apply/Remove
    Material Options:
    01 Default Skin
    07 Eye Colors
    01 Eye Reflection Off
    07 Makeups
    07 Makeups with Liner
    01 Eyeliner Only Makeup
    01 Natural Face
    07 Lip Colors
    01 Natural Lips
    Normal Map On/Off
    Anatomical Elements Option
    3Delight Only Settings
    3Delight Partial Preset
    Iray Only Settings
    Iray Legacy Preset
    Translucency Medium/High
    Textures Include:
    42 Texture, Bump and Specular Maps (4096 x 4096)
    24 Texture, Transparency and Reflection Maps (2048 x 2048)
    This product uses the Genesis 3 Female Base Female UV Maps
    Daz Studio Iray Material Presets (.DUF)
    Daz Studio 3Delight Material Preset (.DUF)
    This product includes:
    1 DSON Core Installer

  • @LeeC2202 sorry for my anger I am just a bit disappointed and frustrated that I spent money on something that can't be used and won't be good for anything without the other parts I guess I will never ever see any black girls being made I probably won't see any till either next yr or in two yrs by that time GTA 6 be out its frustrating that all I see is anime and white girls and hero's not one black girl at all I just like variety and more options than just plain white girls and super hero's and anime at least back when GTA 4 was popular at least there were a few modders out there that made black girls once again I am sorry for my rant I'm just frustrated and disappointed that's all I paid for something useless

  • @TR71777 The problem is, you turned your wants into what I call "Are we there yet syndrome" and I eventually just stopped looking at the threads.

    I mean, I get it... I understand this desire that you have but it's been presented in a way that drives people away. And don't get me wrong, this isn't a just you thing, there are other people with other wants that are doing the same kind of thing.

    But you have to understand the mind of an artist... that's all I have been for pretty much 35 years professionally and for all my life generally. But you don't get creative people on your side, by throwing the same idea at them constantly. Creative people don't create because someone grinds them into submission, they walk away. They don't create something they don't like, just because someone else wants it a lot. I've done the creating because it's my job and at times, it's unrewarding, uninspiring and downright tiresome.

    I don't know if that makes any kind of sense from the perspective of someone who really wants something but that's the nature of creative people... we're a fickle bunch and things have to spark the imagination before they get us interested. I don't make Ped mods... I want to but I just don't have time to learn. But if I did, I wouldn't do this because I simply don't like what you like. You like one type of female, I like another and that's how people are.

    As for Daz3D... the Aiko 4 bundle I bought from there several years ago cost me about £90 and that also required the Victoria 4 bundle which cost me another god knows how many pounds, because I bought the Pro bundle... so that was probably close to £200 (probably more actually) for 2 figures... and that was just 2 of the many I bought.

    But that's why I know about how the dependencies work... and it's also why I know about the licensing issue, which is why I made such a point of mentioning it when I told you about Daz3D.

    But Aiko 4 was an oriental white female... that's my thing. I would throw money at people making those types of ped all day long if I could get what I wanted. But because I understand artists, I won't even go there with requests... I think I mentioned one model on one mod page but that's it, that's the only time I have even remotely suggested anything.

    There's an old saying about leading a horse to water... well if that horse was an artist, you'd have a hard time even leading it to the water in the first place, never mind getting it to drink. :D

    So to sum up my wall of text... I understand your frustration and rants and hopefully, I have given an insight into the kind of people you are making requests of.

    Oh, and if you haven't downloaded the Senna model to your PC, submit a refund request to Daz3D. Their customer service is excellent, tell them you bought it in error as you are new to Daz3D and didn't understand the whole base model/requirements thing. If you have downloaded it, then you might be out of luck.

  • @LeeC2202 so basically what you saying is what I am saying is that I will never ever see any black girl peds cause no one wants to make them and I am waiting my time and money trying to get a few in this site I guess you are right I guess its pointless to even ask for this requests cause no one likes do I g black girls just only anime peds and white girls and super heros what really gets me I see peds in here that are not even in video games but I guess it is what it is then cause I'm just waiting my breath and money trying to at least get few in here but I guess only the white girls/anime and super heroes reign supreme on this site

  • @TR71777 Sadly, that could very likely be the case.

    When I look at page 2 of the Player section on the main site, I weep with despair, because it's a page of nothing but Iron Man. There are more Iron Man peds than I have Peds... that's disappointing from my perspective.

    But then I look at the vehicles and see Ferrari, Lamborghini and Porsche in abundance, whereas I'd like to see Fords, Triumphs or Rover and Jaguar from the 60's, 70's and 80's.

    Unless we can make it ourselves, we just have to take what's being provided... and sometimes, no amount of money can turn that around. That's not much consolation but that is unfortunately, how things are in the creative world.

  • @LeeC2202 can I ask you a question do the majority of the ped modders don't like black girls or just don't like adding any variety to the site but only anime and white girls and super heroes I mean damn what's wrong adding a few black girls to the site to give it more variety hell at least the vehicle mods have a ton load of variety to them than any of the peds section it's like the ped modders are afraid to even try or even make a few black girls peds it's like they are afraid of them or they just don't like black girls hell the two ped modders of the Catwoman mod did a ok job but they didn't do any type of research on the character she is mainly a black girl but I guess it's too much black for them I guess hell the 1992 version caused a uproar if you will cause they put a white girl as the lead instead of the traditional black girl but what I am saying is that I think some of the ped modders don't like black girls

  • @TR71777 The majority of modders like to do whatever is popular or whatever they like to do themselves. I personally tend to go for things that people express the most desire for, because I've always been driven by creating things for other people.

    Yes I like my own projects... for myself but ultimately, I like to be able to give people something that makes their experience unique. That's why some requests remain solely as a personal request, because I think that one person's experience will benefit from being that little bit different to everyone else's... it becomes truly personal.

    As for liking black girls... I don't know, what's the site's demographic? Out of that demographic, what's the modder's cultural breakdown? I can't speak for everyone else but they're not the type of female I particularly like. But I am sure I could post 20 pictures of girls I do like and an undefined percentage of people wouldn't like them.

    I have very specific criteria about what defines a face I like to look at, lip shape (top lip shape in particular) and eye shape are right at the top of the list. Balance and proportion for eye spacing and mouth width, balance and distribution of features vertically down the face. Colour isn't the issue, it's the structure that is defined by the racial genetics, that controls all that... you can prove that by doing a colour shift on faces. You can change how they appear but you can't change how they are.

    We can't all like the same thing and we can't make people like something just because we do... that's not human nature. In fact, when you start telling people they should like something, it invariably leads to them disliking that thing even more.

    I don't know what else I can say... we are what we are, we like what we like, we have no control over anyone else.

  • 0_1488566401060_14659283.jpg

  • @Cerberuss um ok I don't get what you are trying to say but ok

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