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Mad Max (Mel Gibson) Skin

  • I´m in need of a skin that looks like Mel Gibson as Mad max ( as seen below)
    alt text
    But sadly I got no talent in creating skins at my own so if somebody is a bit talented at this it would be very kind of you to create such a skin, cheers!

  • Or does anybody know a tutorial / a program to create new skins?

  • @DocBuddy If you find the classic Mad Max and send me the model, I convert it. I love the classic Mad Max movies, the game nah. And If you want, I can create from scratch the model if you donate for the creation.

    The software to create skins are two: Zmodeler3.1.3 (or latest version) and 3ds Max (from 2012 to 2016 versions) with the import/export to GTA V plugin called GIMS Evo.

    In the YouTuiber channel of Zmodeler3 you can find tutorials. About 3ds MAx with GIMS V, exists some in YouTube if you search GTA V + GIMS Evo.

  • @Rarefacer What do you need to convert/make a skin? And what amount of donation are we talking about?

  • @DocBuddy If you have a good model of the classic Mad Max, I convert it to GTA V free, is my hobby. But if not exists any model (exists the model from the last Mad Max game but Mel Gibson is the man to port that role) I can create the model from scratch. I have experience in design and making characters for games, so Mel Gibson can be a good skin to create. The donation amount can be two: 1st Option $10: Take the body of the Mad Max game and I create from scratch the head of Mel Gibson like the movies and join together in a unique skin ready for GTA V. 2nd Option $20: Create from the scratch the complete body and head of Mel Gibson exactly like the classic Mad Max and converted to GTA V. You can take the credits by idea and supporting the skin creation and release in your account if you want to share with the community.

  • @DocBuddy Unfortunately the Sketchfab models can't be taked if the autor not add the "Download" button. Maybe if you contact the autor of that model, he can give it to you and then, you give me the model and textures files and I convert everything to GTA V.

    He published the complete character Here

  • @Rarefacer I´ve sent him a message.

  • @DocBuddy Ok, leave message here if the autor respond your message.

  • @Rarefacer The author responded, but sadly he refused to give me a link to download it.

  • @DocBuddy What?! Now, wich is the plan?

  • @Rarefacer Hmm, I don´t know yet, any suggestions?

  • @DocBuddy Well, realistic characters from movies are always required to complete great mods. As I said, I can make the model of a realistic Mad Max but that requires time and effort and for that reasson I request a donation. A model for videogames realistic is expensive (generally around ~120 bucks), but for mods that I really like, I just request a percentage like 10 or 20 percent for the creation from scratch.

    I like Mad max movies and your idea of a map to recreate his adventures and for that we can do this From a fan of 80s series to another fan of the 80s series:

    I build the body created from scratch by myself and I create the realistic head of Mel Gibson and in that way, complete the skin for GTA V. What do you think? Now, if you want support me in Patreon, that could be cool too.

  • @Rarefacer Wow, thanks! Thats very generous and yeah, sure thing :)

  • @DocBuddy When is your map release date to sync up the skin release?

  • @Rarefacer
    The map release will take it´s time, since I want to do my best and even Max´ house takes several days already, as you may have seen in the map thread. I´m also planning a map trailer with the original audio and for that, I´ll need the bike mod, the Interceptor mod, the skin mod and the Ford Falcon MFP car mod, all of them, except for the skin of course and the MFP car, already exist, so I can´t name a real date yet.

  • @DocBuddy Is Ok for me, the skin requires time too.

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