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Cars getting dirty in the city

  • After driving 1 minute inside Los Santos,my cars already get 40% dirty! And this is ugly as f*** and non-sense! It looks like im driving in the desert,but it's in the city! And it started suddenly,I installed a lot of mods in GTA and this don't happened,but after some days it started,now ANY car get's 40% dirt after driving for 2 minutes in the city,I didn't installed anything new

  • @lucasjuhas said in Cars getting dirty in the city:

    I installed a lot of mods in GTA

    You installed a lot of mods but you haven't told us any of them. How are we supposed to know what might be causing it, if you don't tell us what you have installed?

  • VisualV and NaturalVison,other mods are scripts and add-ons that have nothing related to this,and as I said,it started suddenly,like 2 weeks after installing the mods this thing started,and I don't changed anything in the game

  • I don't use either of those mods so I have no idea what they can change but if you know for certain that it isn't something else causing it, then it will need someone with experience of those two mods to help.

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