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[TOOL][WIP] CodeWalker 3D Map

  • Hi everyone,
    I've been working on a 3D map for PC version of GTAV. It's at:

    It's currently just a viewer for the GTAV maps, which allows markers to be placed, and objects to be selected. Eventually I aim to turn it into a functional map editor.

    CodeWalker screenshot

    CodeWalker screenshot

    CodeWalker screenshot

    CodeWalker screenshot

    Note: There are known issues with mods and old versions of GTAV files with the current version of CodeWalker. This version is for preview and general feedback purposes only.



    @dexyfex gr8

  • I hope you can allow us to import custom models :P

  • Added v.15 which now can render collision meshes (among other improvements).

    CodeWalker v.15 - Collision meshes

  • Great stuff!

  • Can´t wait to use it as a fully functional map editor^^

  • Will this be able to expand the map? The only thing missing would be the need of a program that allows moders to create path for ai peds/vehs

  • @danvas88 I don't think this tool is really designed for editing, so much as viewing. However what would be cool is if it loaded the paths data, so you could toggle on/off to display all paths and junctions in the game world.

  • @dexyfex is there any way to get a list of what textures were loaded, and their locations, for a selected model? Not all of the textures for a particular model are in a ytd by the same name. When you export a model from OpenIV and import it into Zmodeler to make changes, often many of the textures are missing, and it can be very difficult to find them. Presumably Codewalker knows somehow where those textures are, since it displays them all fine in the tool. I'd like to be able to get a list of YTD/YDR names where the textures were loaded from for a given object selected in the tool. Would that be possible?

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